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Skagit County

Fun things to do in Skagit County

Skagit County is a fertile land, one of the agricultural centers in Washington State, and a beautifully diverse landscape with plenty of fun things to do. The County is situated some hour of driving north of Seattle and a couple of hours south of Vancouver. The fertile Skagit River valley is known for incredible tulip fields. Strawberries are another popular culture in the valley.

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Things to do in Skagit County

Skagit is primarily a rural County with numerous farms, but some more significant towns are in the area. Mt. Vernon, Burlington, and La Conner are the most important settlements. The great thing about the region is quality locally sourced food from farms, and incredible seafood, especially clamps. The whole Skagit County has excellent restaurants, and you can start your visit in the small town of Edison that has more than 20 shops and dinners. The city is a sanctuary for the artists, and you can spend your afternoon in art galleries, small shops and have a meal in great restaurants.

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Take a ride on a Chuckanut drive, a beautiful road with an ocean view. You can drive between Skagit and Whatcom County in 30 minutes and enjoy Samich Bay and San Juan island views. There are numerous viewpoints, hiking trails in the area. Larrabee State Park hides gems like Oyster Dome trail, lush forest, beaches with tide pools.

Close to the scenic road is Bow, a small place but exceptional foodie destination. Visit Taylor Shellfish Farms wine try fresh oysters from Samish Bay. If you’re more cheese buff, go to the Samish Bay Cheese farm shop. The Bow is also home to Midway House Antiques, an excellent small shop in the County full of antique shop places.

Mt.Vernon is the biggest town and has numerous attractions. You can browse shops on Main Street. There are multiple art galleries, museums, and great bars. La Conner is a coastal town south of Bow. The County’s oldest settlement has an illustrious past, and you can learn more about it on a guided tour.

Skagit County is known for wine and beer makers. If you’re on the wine side, go on the North Sound Wine Trail, and try great products from Skagit Cellars and other wineries.

There are around ten breweries in the area, and if you go on Skagit Ale Trail, don’t pass on Garden Path Fermentation.


Visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, and see the best of the best from famous flower producers.

Skagit County parks

Deception Pass State Park is the most visited in Washington. In summer, you can swim in Cranberry Lake or explore miles of beaches of Puget Sound. There are numerous trails, coves, and impressive cliffs in the area. The park has 4134 acres, and among other notable attractions, there is a tremendous scenic bridge connecting the mainland with Whidbey Island.

Rasar State Park is a public park on the Skagit River in the central part of Skagit County. You can find 180 acres of shoreline and hills up to 4000 feet. There are a couple of campsites and hiking trails with wildlife spotting.

Bay View State Park is located on Padilla Bay. The substantial beachfront, plenty of amenities for camping, and excellent fishing and swimming spots make this an enjoyable place to visit.

Skagit children’s Museum   

Founded in 2000, Skagit Children’s Museum provides interactive and educational exhibits and learning opportunities. Hand-on experiments and events attract around 70,000 visitors annually. The Museum is located in Mount Vernon.

Skagit County historical museum is in La Conner and exhibits Native American history and Western settlers’ heritage. You can hear and learn more about Skagit County from local historians in the Museum.

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Skagit County Lakes

With rainy northwest weather, Skagit County has numerous bodies of water. Along with the Skagit River, you can find plenty of lakes. Big Lake is a popular place for watersports and fishing, and it’s located some five miles from Mt Vernon. Make sure you pack your things considering the rainy weather in Skagit County. You don’t want to ruin your trip just because you didn’t pack some waterproof gear, right? Pack your rainy coat, an umbrella, and a good pair of waterproof sneakers. Waterproof shoes are a must as they will help you to move around the wet surface without impacting your feet. Loom waterproof sneakers will be a great fit for you as these shoes are waterproof, flexible and provide the support that your feet need all day long. 

Waterskiing and boating are top activities on Campbell Lake, a 410 acres reservoir near Anacortes. Lake McMurray is another fishing destination near Mt Vernon. Other notable lakes include Lake Cavanaugh, Swinomish Slough, Lake Erie, and Lake Sixteen.

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Bottom line

Skagit County is a perfect place for a short road trip if you like oysters and tulips, small antique shops, and farms. You can also enjoy nature with a beautiful coastline and impressive Skagit River.

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