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Fun Things to Experience on the Island of Jeju

Jeju is an island located south of Korea. Jeju is known to many Koreans as a kind of vacation spot. There are several flights to and from the island every day, and many Koreans use the island to get away from the busy everyday life. Jeju has amazing nature, composed of beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes including craters and caves, mighty mountains and beautiful, natural waterfalls.

This is both your guide to Jeju, and your recommendation to go visit the beautiful island.

Visit a museum and theme park with a different theme.

This one might not be the first thing you thought of, when you thought of beautiful nature and Korea. However, Jeju is actually a place of love and Phallic statues. By this, we mean to recommend you to visit Haesindang Park, also known as the penis museum, and the Loveland theme park, where you can experience sex culture, conveyed in interesting and beautiful art works. 

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The peculiar museum, also known as Haesindang Park, is a big part of Jeju’s history. The museum features a collection of phallic statues in all shapes and sizes, that were made and raised to please the spirit of a dead maid. The legend says that, a long time ago, the fish, which is a big industry on Jeju and in Korea in general, had disappeared from the island. 

This was thought to be due to the spirit of the old maid being displeased with the inhabitants of the island. As such, the statues were made in her honor, and they even held religious ceremonies. And just like that, the fish gradually started coming back to the shores of Jeju.

Though it may seem funny, fertility is a big deal in Korea. The country has a relatively low fertility rate, so the Haesindang Park, which is the name of the museum, has become a source of inspiration for other similar museums that have been made in other parts of the country. Although the statues of Haesindang park are made of wood, they look like the male genitalia in almost every possible shape. 

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At Love Land, the Phallic statues turn into more modern and dynamic exhibitions. This park experience is dedicated to love. Here you will find genitalia in all shapes and sizes, and situations. You can find depictions of vibrators, intercourse, a squirting dildo, friendship and relationship. Some more bizarre than others, designed to invite the visitors to talk openly about sexuality. The park has both permanent exhibitions and exhibitions that change every now and then.

Learn about Mandarin farming

Jeju is known for being the epicenter of mandarin farming in Korea. Mandarins are very popular among the Korean people, and the mandarins from Jeju are known for their amazing taste. This is due to the farming conditions being perfect for growing the small orange fruit, on the sunny, volcanic island. Tourists can visit mandarin farms and learn about the process, from seed to fruit and the history of mandarin farming on Jeju. 

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Experience nature

Last but not least on our list of course, is experiencing the beautiful nature of Jeju. Jeju has so much to offer. If you want to climb a tough mountain and catch a stunning view of the whole island, you can try the challenge of climbing Mount Hallasan. You can also find beautiful caves and waterfalls, almost everywhere you go. It is always surrounded by this stunning nature, so many tourists choose to experience the island on a bike, so they can stop where they want, and have more time to soak it all in. You can even swim in some waterfalls.

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