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How to Attract the Best Number of Visitors for Your Mobile Application

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a person who would not use mobile applications. Due to the high competition, it is very difficult for a new application to gain a large number of visitors. In the first half of 2021, the number of apps in the Apple Store exceeded 2 million, and in the Play Market – more than 3 million. The task of the developer and his team is to attract as many regular users as possible. This can be done with the help of specialists for a lot of money or independently and cheaply.

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Website Development or Landing Page

Website development is time-consuming and costly. However, the site fully justifies all the costs. Visitors will see that the creators of the application have approached their work as responsibly as possible. This fact will significantly increase the level of trust.

If creating a full-fledged website is too expensive, then you can create a landing page quickly and for free. Such a landing page will allow visitors to get acquainted with the following data:

  • Benefits of the application.
  • Description of the content.
  • Promotions and bonus programs.
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If you make an in-app chatbot, you will be able to answer customer questions, which will also increase the level of trust.

Blog and Social Media Advertising

Social media is a driving force in attracting new audiences. To get as many clients as possible you need:

  • Create a blog.
  • Take care of the beautiful, modern design.
  • Hire a competent content manager.
  • Set up contextual advertising.
  • Post new posts regularly.

All content must be dedicated to the mobile application. On a page in social networks, you can provide useful information regarding the topic of a mobile application (for example, about an online casino). If this is Instagram, notifications about promotions, bonuses, and important events are usually posted in stories. On the page on social media, you can hold sweepstakes, which will attract new visitors.

After creating a blog, you need to find communities and blogs where the potential audience of the application can be.

Interaction with Clients

It is extremely important to interact with visitors as much as possible. Attention to the client should be felt in everything – from application design to feedback. Most users love to be given personalized discounts, for example, for their Birthday. You can also send newsletters about new bonuses by email. You need to ask customers to leave reviews on Google Play, Apple Store, or various forums. However, the request should not be intrusive.

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Search Optimization

The app must be optimized for Google Play and Apple Store searches. So, users of any smartphone will be able to quickly find and install it. To make the application easy to find, and it is in demand, you need to come up with an easy name. The title must contain keywords.

The description should be as informative and complete as possible. It should engage the client, as well as inform him about the purpose and essence of the application. When writing a description, one should not forget about keywords.

Most Google Play and Apple Store customers pay attention to ratings. Even if the app has few reviews, they should all be positive. The higher ratings, the more willing people will be to install the application. It’s important to remember to respond to customer reviews, be they positive or negative.

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For the visitor to get acquainted with the visual component of the application, you need to make a good video and screenshots.

Using the Referral Program

Developers of many mobile applications use referral systems as they are very effective. The user can invite his friend or relative, for which he will receive a reward. You can also provide a promotional code that is entered when registering in the application. A promo code can give bonuses or gifts.

Bright and Correct Advertising

Special attention should be paid to advertising a mobile app. It should be a bright, modern, and laconic video that will contain all the necessary information. Advertising isn’t just about video. You can hire a graphic designer to create posters, banners, ads. You also need to set up ads on social networks and in Google Play and the Apple Store. Correctly configured advertising is the key to successful application promotion.

It is worth remembering that most visitors to your mobile app pay attention to the visual component, ratings, and usability. The app should be beautiful and ergonomic. Use should not be inconvenient or difficult.

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