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Kitchen Upgrades: DIY Ideas for Your Favorite Corner

There cannot be a better place than your home to apply your DIY skills and get all the good vibes. You don’t have to tell anybody what you are working on unless it is fully ready to install. Let them get surprised when they get a view of your magical fingers. So, where should you focus? Although every corner of the house has its significance, you can begin with the heart and hearth of your family life – the kitchen. The kitchen puts up with all types of abuses to no end. That’s why it starts looking dull and trite too soon.

You can revive it from time to time with more minor upgrades if you can not see your kitchen in a deteriorated state. These don’t cost much when you use your DIY expertise and, at the same time, help your cooking zone stay as vibrant as always. So here are some quick DIY fixes for your lovely kitchen.

Floating shelf

No matter how big or small this space is, expanding its storage value can always excite you. Building cabinets can be labor-intensive work. Plus, it can require more time. But adding floating shelves can be a great initiative in this context. Everyone uses their specific style to make one. If you are a beginner, you can search for straightforward methods. For example, you would want to know the shelf length based on the availability of the space. Then you would need to cut the wood to create the top, bottom, and side parts of the shelf to make it suitable for the chosen corner. You would need glue and nails for assembly work.

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Ensure to leave a gap between the top and bottom sections of the shelf for the bracket rods to slip inside them hassle-free. While your rack dries up, you can sand its edges for smoothness and color it. Leave it for a few minutes. You can install a medium-duty bracket on the wall meanwhile. When both the things are ready, you can mount your shelf into the frame and use this new space for cups, plates, small plants, etc. Usually, people do this near the sink area. You can also take the same approach.

Paint wooden spoons

Do you have worn-out kitchen tools like wooden cutlery? Please don’t dispose of them yet. These can come in handy as excellent decorative items. Or, you can use them to give your kitchen a colorful facelift in an instant. For this, you only have to paint them in a variety of colors. Just make sure you don’t fully tint them. Leave some portions for a mix-and-match effect. Let them dry up thoroughly. If there is a small wire or wood box on the wall, you can arrange your spoons, spatulas, and other things vertically. That specific corner will immediately become vibrant and full of energy. The same would reflect on the overall décor also.

Crochet potholders

One of the easiest ways to dole up any pretty space is to add crochet potholders. These tend to have subtle flair, which can be an asset in the entire kitchen décor. However, the pieces don’t have to be significant. Focus on beautiful designs, such as sleek borders, floral patterns, and elegant patches. These always work in favor of kitchen interiors.

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Sink area

Kitchen Upgrades DIY Ideas for Your Favorite Corner

You can amp up this corner easily. Installing a washbasin in your DIY kitchen can be one. Around that, you can apply your skills to make this area beautiful. For example, you can take an empty glass bottle and add a suitable plant of your choice. You can look for varieties and what they require to flourish. Adorn a cozy nook in the sink area with this. It can impart a sense of freshness.

Kitchen hardware

Whether you are a new or seasoned DIYer, changing old knobs and handles can be the most satisfying experience for their ability to rejuvenate any look effortlessly. For a modern kitchen, T-bar handles can be a simple but powerful addition. To produce a traditional vibe, you can use cupped-style handles. These are pretty cost-effective upgrades. Hence, it should not bother you as much.

Contact paper

Worktops are the go-to things in the kitchen. It can get boring after a while to work on the same countertop. To avoid this feeling, you can instead refurbish its look with contact paper. If you like the marble look, get the self-adhesive film with the marble effect. Just ensure that you lay it down carefully. As soon as you finish your job, the result will be in front of your eyes to savor.

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Kitchen and cupboard doors

Changing colors can be another DIY trick that you can pick up and implement. You can choose any spot for this – cupboard doors or kitchen doors. The job doesn’t take much time and is not demanding in terms of physical efforts also. However, before venturing out, it will be better to understand your surfaces and what paint type can suit them. If you are a novice, online step-by-step guides can help you achieve this goal.


Tiling a backsplash is also a popular DIY idea for kitchens. It may require a bit of experience, expertise, and patience. Before starting the actual work, you have to prepare your wall for this, which involves cleaning the walls, allowing them to dry, sanding the area for a level surface, etc. You would want to measure the site for the plumbing lines and switches. Then, you have to prepare tile adhesive and apply it on the wall so that tiles can firmly sit there. Leaving the area to dry is critical as you will have to work on the grout lines after this. When you finish this job, the visual can be rewarding.

There are many things you can do in the kitchen to keep it fresh-looking. And the best thing is you don’t have to worry whether you are a beginner or a skilled DIY person. It gives everyone plenty of room to apply their creativity and enjoy the outcome.

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