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Maine Musik & T.E.C. Lyrics – Maine Musik

Go Crazy

[Maine Musik:]
I just bought a stick bitch I’m living like that
Nigga at me on the gram I ain’t write back
Cause if I smoke em’ I’m gon be the one the feds snatch
Put that fondu on yo head and they gon bring yo head back
Rata tat fuck a rat errebody dying, we got all kinda iron, bitch you must be out yo mind
If you think you gon survive, 7.62s, that’s them long hard bitches that’ll go thru
Windpipe, and neck bones, get you stepped on better get a Teflon
Pussy I ain’t repped on, nobody that ain’t mine nigga
I’m purple baby errebody slangin iron nigga

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Spider gang don’t get caught up in the web bitch
Y’all the main niggas telling 12 shit
Baby choppa 30 round, left like 12 hit
Catch you at bayou classic, leave you dead on canal bitch
Go Crazy bitch my lil niggas shady
Name a clique that got more bodies then that label
Riding with them glizzy’s with no safties
Hit em 50 times before he hit the pavement (bitch)
And we ain’t tryna avoid shit
We got them choppaz dat Osama went to war with
Ain’t No Limit but I hop in camouflauge bitch
I keep that dezi cause it like to rip apart shit
Like BOOYAH, bitch who fuckin with Lil Luwhop
Give him the whole 50 before he get to let off 2 shots
Catch him in his do him like 2Pac
Told em they gotta bring that nigga head in a shoebox

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[Maine Musik:]
I’m dying to watch a nigga get tortured
Might let lil Tayda extort ya
Ending of August we gon July 4th ya
Bullets go thru ya, I got blood on my gold robe
Assassination rifle they hit JF with the same scope

Brain smoke, turn a nigga fitted to a Kango
I go where they can’t go, up it and let that go
Brand new mini Draco, I can’t wait to let it bang though
Sing like Jhene Aiko, I hit you you sing the same note

[Maine Musik:]
Go ape, add a body to the murder rate
Them four-four shots go through yo face
And park yo ass like Krazy K
Add a body to the murder rate
Hit them pussy niggas block with no licence plate (BITCH) x2

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Go Crazy Lyrics

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