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Mavado Lyrics – Mak 90

Mak 90

Mak 90 fire in a dem bloodclaat face
Mi tell mi gyal full mi clip dem case
Some bwoy fi get a who split dem place
Cyaa tell mi dem bad a dem lip dem paste

Mi left the church a sing amazing grace
Bullet in a head mi nuh graze him face
Blood splash pon yo reete and yo grave in place
If a war mi a win like the Beijing race

[Verse 1:]
Come get you duppy flick and it curve
Fucking counterfeit, Gully Gaad have supn
Six in a the barrel dinner time
Six serve
Walk wid mi strap 12: 00, quick purge
All dem a talk dem fraid a mi
Dem know mi nuh care who dem savior be
Wi a nuh one blood wi no same daddy
Wi dump body in a hally meck the neighbor si

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Tell dem seh mi links dem crab up
Chatty mouth cyaa work
Mi badness a nuh franchise like Star Bucks
31 clip like the days in a august
Gas you in a place and watch you burn like saw dust
Mi a fuck you gyal under some bloodclaat raw nuts
Dem a pussy none a dem cyaa class US
Hey sissy tek a look in a the glass first
Tep in mi murder the boss first


[Verse 2:]
Cyaa tell mi dem bad when gyal a seh dem have guilty lips
You si mi as a finish line run in to this
Mi born fi kill, mi build fi this
Like a lethal needle in the wrist
Rifle run in nuh swing no fist
Dark like when the moon eclipse
The Gaad nuh miss when him fire how tune fi miss
Dem new to this, dem crew finish

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[Chorus x2]

Mak 90 Lyrics

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