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Proof Lyrics – Many Men Lyrics

Many Men

I’m the king of this muthafucka!
I’m the King Of Detroit!
You do what I say what I say nigga!
You don’t say it: “We gonna smoke this nigga, Proof’! “
Fuck that!
You shoot that nigga, right there, get that nigga!
King Of Detroit, nigga! [9 shots]
Whattup now fool?
Whattup now nigga? ! [beat starts playin’ 50Cent’s: “Many Men (Wish Death)”.]

Many men! – Wish death upon P!
It’s hard to survive in the 313.
I’m trying to be what I’m destined to be,
And niggas tryna take my life away. (c’mon! c’mon! c’mon!)
I put a hole in a nigga for fuckin’ with’ me,
He ain’t come dollo face in 1-E.
Watch what you say when you talk about me,
Cause I come and take your life away!

[Bridge 1:]
Many men!
Many, many, many, many men! [gun cocks]
Wish death upon me.
Dog I don’t cry no more,
Don’t look to the sky no more.
Have mercy on me.

[Verse 1:]
Man these pussy niggas put money on head,
Gonna get your refund, ’cause motha fucka I ain’t dead.
I’m the “Dozen” in the “Dirt”! – That ain’t been found.
The real king of the D, shiiit! That ain’t been crowned.
When I’m on – something special happens every time.
I’m the dopest! – Something like Roy Jones in his prime.
I walk the planks of the jungle, got a problem then fuck you.
Show you what my gun do, if you whack and unhumble.
Be for real, punk niggas! – Your new to the beef,
Ask any playa in the ‘D’! – Your new to the streets!
Y’all ain’t from 7 Mile! And y’all ain’t wound!
Fuck a bone! When you hear that CLICK – answer! [shot]

[Chorus 1:]
Many men, many many many many men wish death upon me.
Dog I don’t cry no more,
Don’t look to the sky no more.
Have mercy on me!
Have mercy on my soul!
Somewhere my heart turned cold!
Have mercy on many men!
Many many many many men. – Wish death upon me!

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[Verse 2:]
Now there wouldn’t be real, if it wasn’t for no heart.
If there wasn’t 8 Mile, there wouldn’t be O Port.
Death gotta be easy, ’cause life is hard.
Murk you in afterlife and see twice the God.
This is for my niggas on the yo! – Doin’ there time.
The real murkers in Detroit, that shine on the ground.
I heard about that little hit – that you put in the hood.
But your shoot-if-you-get-shot ain’t gonna do no good.
I’m like MG for Shady! – You can call me ‘the Don’!
If you Micheal mothafucka, you gonna die in the storm.
Can’t switch sides hommie! – Let cash ride homie!
Thought we was cool, why you want me to die homie?

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[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3:]
You know how many mothafuckas wanna hear your bone break?
PA, 7 Mile, FA’s on May.
School Craft, LA Mack and Bwick,
CCs, Runyon Ave. That’s who ‘P’ with.
The cops don’t know much, where I tuck my Glock.
I got the word from E-Dog when Stuck got locked.
Ain’t gunna spell it out for you muthafuckas on the grind!
Are you blind nigga? – Can’t read between the lines?
From Cameon! – Rico Shocka and G-Low.
Rock man, First Born, Boxy and D-Low.
Now let’s clear, I’m here for a real reason.
He do a a hit, I do a hit, let’s see who’s still breathin’. [gasp]

[Chorus 2:]
Many Friends! – I lost to this game!
And this cocksucka come namin’ names.
So many homies that passed away.
Run up on him, point-blank and blast away.

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[Bridge 2:]
Many friends!
Many, many, many, many friends.
That died on me,
I should have preserved my dog, [gun cocks]
Poured out on the curb for ya’ll.
Your R.I.P.!

[Chorus 3:]
Many friends! – I lost to this game
And this cocksucka come namin names.
So many homies that passed away.
Run up on him point-blank and blast away.
For Lewon, Click-click! – Bugz and Snook!
Don’t care ’bout all them drugs he took.
Watch what you say when you talk about me,
Cause I’m always gonna walk the D!

[Bridge 2]

Many Men Lyrics

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