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Curren$y Lyrics – Purpleaid


Ayy, ayy (You can let it ride out too)
Free my niggas

I talked the mermaid out of the water the other day
All on my yacht, we lit up the pot, floated away
I fuck up your block, my lowriders hot
My colonial ship is on the way
Probably have a Mazi’ and them have Wraith
The shit you keep doing, you got cake
That’s the result of the risk-take, it can all end up in yellow tape
Or you can pull up to the bank, twist of fate
Dandy things, candy paint, later frame, it’s not a game
Doin’ plane, with a brain, have her buy me things
Umbrella symphony, candy rain
Sugar water tears, sweet pain
I done put her through a few tings
Tryna make sure she can really hang
She kept sayin’ she gang-gang
I don’t use all them young niggas slangs
I’ma simple and plain
Factory wills and side claim
Pull up, kill them niggas, bang-bang
Money and weed how I maintain
In the crib with the door’s plane

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So if I keep Christmas on the low, babe (Ooh)
Rick Owen that’s ’08
C-baby smokin’ purple aid (Yeah)
How much did your show make? (Ooh)
Colorado with a model (Well)
Moncler that’s a cold date (Brr)
Tom Sat, bitch, I’m on the moon (Ooh)
Too fly, missed the balloon (Yeah)
I’m in London for a week (Ooh)
I rock them Yeezys on tour (Ooh, ooh)
I think they drop in like next week (Skrr)
You run your mouth, you think it’s sweet
You niggas couldn’t be me (Ooh)
Real niggas they remain G (Ooh)
Real niggas they remain (Skrr)
Real niggas they remain G (Ooh)
Smokin’ down Rodeo (Ooh)
Louie Vuitton with the bankroll (Skrr)
Take my bitch, don’t think so (No)
My turn, yeah, got away, ho (Skrr)
Makin’ that money, the peso
Smokin’ down Rodeo
Louie Vuitton with the bankroll (Skrr)
Take my bitch, don’t think so (Ooh)

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