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Wax Lyrics – Relax And Wax


Tilt your seats back and relax
It’s me Wax and EOM feed tracks
To cats who hate weak raps and weak beats and repeats
Of last weeks recyclables
You can find out if my ass cheeks are like-able
Kiss ’em while you hate
I’ll be sitting in the waiting room
Writing tunes
While you have a lively debate
And while you waste time making stupid rules
We’ll stay in the pocket like newborn marsupials
You’d be fools if you followed their lead
You might as well kneel down and swallow their seed, man
Hating on E and Wax

E, pass me another hurricane dog
So I can stay lit like a Duraflame log
I prefer insane smog in my brain over airheadedness
Add this to your “I didn’t get it” list
Fuck a memo
Fuck a demo
Fuck a deal
Fuck every emotion in your soul that you feel
Pop pills with us so you can roll with the real, thank you
Another CD sold for a meal
Take ‘hold of the wheel
Matter fact
Give it back
You can’t handle the torque of an EOM track
You put in so much effort
To pitiful results
Goddamn you have alot of faults, flaws
Blemishes and shortcomings
Me and E’s forthcoming efforts
Will be effortless and more stunning
Ya’ll ain’t fucking with Wax

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Why do people seem so glass half-empty?
Yet they give a pass to these half-ass Emcees
What I have in common with giraffes, cash, and bees
Is I’m high and I’m fly and I cause envy
If Herbal T or EOM Isn’t your name
Then your musical advice was probably given in vain
While you write and talk about the shit you think I need to change
I’ll be outside smiling, singing in the rain, man
On my parade you can pour piss
I’ll be dancing on a float in a state of pure bliss
One day me and Herbal T’ll pour Crist’
Till then, sorry bro, I’m too pour Chris
But you can pass me the Pabts
And here’s a fucking pillow EOM relax

Lyrical gold medal Olympian
Still I got
Hardly no, benjamins
Motherfuckers stop for the show
Like Maury Povich and them
I can see the sorry ho bitch in them
Walk around with their nose in the air
But we just brush ’em to the side like an emo kid combing his hair
I rock tight like that same kid’s jeans
Ya’ll are like angst-ridden teens
All green with envy like thanksgiving beans and the casserole
Beat you back into your hole like we’re playing Whack-a-Mole
Damn, ya’ll some busy little beavers
Pitiful achievers with your critical demeanor’s
We don’t do it for the doubters we just rip it for believers
If you haters want a cookie give a visit to the Keebler’s

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One more, one more, one, two, three, four
People show us love when we come through B-more
DC too down to VCU
And Hampton, where you’ll find EOM cold lampin’
Kickin’ back making beats in his leisure time
With a fine Caeser and Tequila from the freezer with a squeeze of lime
I’m ’bout to go and get some peace of mind
San Diego lay low with my seat reclined
In the shade where the air is cooler
I’ll take the day off like Ferris Bueller
Prepare a cooler, roll a big ass spliff
You piss ants can come along or just remain stiff
Spit clever just cause my tongue is your
Type of curve balls win them fucking Cy Young Awards
I’m Sandy Koufax

So much stress on my mind it’s hard to stay sober
They decrease the load of the weight on my shoulders
I hit the liquor store for another king cobra, use my debit card I hope it ain’t over
The limit cause you know what that be, another 25 for the over draft fee
Where does that go exactly? I don’t know exactly, but it isn’t to the lower class
People lookin’ for a check in stressed out conditions, regretting horrible decisions
Like me who just got a DUI and I can’t afford it the fee’s are to high
And there’s no one to blame but I but I can’t provide
Water when my well’s run dry and I got ripped off last year buyin’ money tree’s
Look at em’ everyday and still just fuckin leaves, a couple G’s of spare change to some
Who are those people, what are their name and num
Birds, I’m so stressed I’m cuttin’ up worms I laugh at the situation
Cause it’s fuckin absurd. Check my swag as I rip it
I’d pull out my hair but I can’t quite grip it
And I can’t afford a damn flight ticket for a plane ride
If I could I’d go to Maine and hide

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Relax Lyrics

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