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Rest Assured: Secure Quality Sleep Through These Mattress Tricks

How can you assure that you’re getting sufficient sleep if your old bed is sagging and you wake up feeling tired and exhausted? How can you guarantee that your bed is still great when it has a visible dent from your sleeping position? How can you say that you’re well-supported by your bed when you wake up with aches and pains in your body?

With sleepless nights like those mentioned above, you could risk your physical and mental health. Thus, it would help if you secured quality sleep – all by buying a quality bed. Furthermore, continue reading below to get the upper hand on how you can assure good sleep with these mattress tricks:

What Mattress Type Do You Prefer?

The first thing to consider before buying your bed is its type. With this, you have to learn and differentiate the four major categories: innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, and latex. By doing so, you determine what each type brings to the table and narrow down what works best for you.

When it comes to innerspring beds, you need to remember support. These beds are best for spinal support as their coil system aligns your spine neutrally. For memory and latex foam beds, comfort is brought to the table. 

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Since these beds don’t have coils like the innerspring, they will conform to the shapes of your body and leave you with a plush feeling. Lastly, the hybrid will give you a balance of comfort and support – so it remains an excellent compromise for both factors.

What Size Is Most Suitable?

Size entails thinking about your available bedroom area, bed frame, and the number of sleepers. Here, you’ll have to consider how much bedroom space is free and how many people the bed should accommodate. You could even take out your measuring tape and accurately measure the available area to make sure. Additionally, it will help if you consider your bed frame. 

If you have an old bed frame and get the same-sized mattress, you won’t have to worry about buying a new one. However, if you’re purchasing a different-sized bed, it’s best to look into whether the brand offers bed frames along with the mattress. You could even look into the best mattress reddit posts and subreddits too, to get a sure-fire deal of quality beds along with their bed frames. When you choose to click, you make your shopping quick and easy.

What Firmness Level Should You Choose?

Firmness levels entail how much support you want your bed to have. You could also think of firmness on a scale of one to ten, one being soft, five being medium-firm, and ten being firm. It will help if you choose the firmness level that caters to what you need as a sleeper. 

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If you’re a side sleeper, the best firmness level for you will be soft to medium-soft scale. With these levels, your body won’t feel too burdened by the firmness of the bed, and instead, it will cushion your body and help ease the pressure off your shoulders and hips. On the other hand, back and stomach sleepers attain quality sleep with a firm to medium-firm bed. With this, their spines are fully supported by the mattress.

What Factors Do You Want Your Mattress To Have?

Aside from firmness, mattress type, and size, it would help to consider other factors such as cooling, edge support, motion isolation, and allergen-free. Although these factors aren’t primary identifiers of great sleep like type and firmness, they do have minor contributions to it as well. You won’t get quality sleep if your bed retains heat or moves like crazy when you switch sleeping positions.

With this in mind, it’s essential to determine what other qualities you want your mattress to have. Do you want it to have cooling factors to keep you fresh throughout the night? Do you want it to isolate motion to one area to keep you steady even if your partner moves? Do you want edge support as you frequently sit on the edge of the bed? Or do you want the bed to be allergen-free and natural?

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How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Since you’ve listed every factor about your preferred bed and your needs, it’s time to consider your budget. This will be the deciding factor as your budget will dictate what you can afford and if you’re willing to go over the budget. Additionally, you could even put your budget before all of these tips – by doing so, you narrow down your options and identify what you can afford.

Likewise, synthetic materials will be priced differently from natural materials. So, if you want a naturally-made bed, you should also be prepared to pay a higher price than most. It would help if you also consider other additional costs, like delivery and shipping fees. By considering these, you prepare your wallet and avoid overspending.


When you have a bed that no longer grants you quality sleep, you should be prepared to shop for a new one. Additionally, these five tips at your disposal will make such shopping more accessible and faster – since you’ve covered factors such as mattress type, size, budget, firmness, and other additional factors as well. Thus, get on shopping and wind up with the best mattress you can find!

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