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Gucci Mane Lyrics – Semi On Em Lyrics

Semi On Em

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Bitch, I’m Gucci Mane, you heard that I go coco-loco
So much money that my pitbull got a diamond choker
I’m on a yacht, me and my plug, and yeah, we playin’ poker
Sippin’ coladas, smokin’ ganja, he’s a heavy smoker
I started right here in the city, they call me a loco
I rob you blind and burn the money like the fuckin’ Joker
And if you don’t believe me, ask these hoes at Strokers
So much money in the air, can’t even see the sofa
So much kush smoke in the air, I can’t help but smell the odor
They say I cook so many deuces my arm need a motor
Half a pint in the Mountain Dew, now that’s a dirty soda
And I sell so many chickens, think I work for Kroger

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[Hook: Chief Keef]
I’m flexin’, countin’ gualas, parkin’ Lexus, I don’t ride em
Bad yellow bitch, passin’ unless she a rider
She is down to ride with me and she gone hold my Glock
And she see an opp, I tell her pop her and she gone pop off
All us like 2Pac, Notorious, bitch I’m like Big Papa
If I see an opp, I spot him, shot him, bitch I got him
Drive through, in and out, I throw ’em up, Benihanas
Ridin’, hemi, semi on me, catch his ass, semi on ’em

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
I been shot callin since I hit the lotto, ballin’
My diamonds no voodoo 504, bitch they from New Orleans
Ring, ring, money callin’, I gotta go you not important
I’m smokin’ TuTu and Tooka and countin’ money, tourin’
My Ruger hold a thirty, you can hold a fuckin’ chorus
That’s 80 shots at your face, better be good at duckin’ bullets
Pull up in that Lord car, that’s that shit them hoes adore
I pull up to the club and tell a bitch to hop aboard
Baby I’m a king, I know I am not a Lord
But Almighty So’ and that’s that shit that I send shottas for
I’m smokin’ paraphernalia with a Glock on tours
Make that bitch sing a melody, you get lot’s of chorus

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[Hook: Chief Keef]

Semi On Em Lyrics

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