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Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas: Solutions for Tiny Washrooms

A bathroom is a place for your daily comfort and relaxation, the most intimate room in your home. It is a place where you can do almost everything you want, including personal hygiene, relaxation, and even getting ready for the rest of the day. That’s why small bathrooms are often called “personal bathrooms,” and the owners of these bathrooms know that they are not the largest and the most comfortable.

However, a small bathroom can be a bit challenging. And in this post, we are going to share some useful tips on how to design a small bathroom – from planning the space available to keeping an eye on the design elements. So keep reading, be inspired, and make the right decisions.

#1 – Plan Your Layout From the Get-Go

When planning the layout of your bathroom, it is important to identify the functions of the room. The location of the bathroom and the size of the room to provide a bathroom or en-suite are very important, and this is where it is important to consider the size of the room from the start.  When planning the room layout, you need to identify the most effective bathroom zones from the get-go.

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It is important to keep in mind the functional aspect of the bathroom. The layout of the bathroom needs to make the most of the space available. A small bathroom can have a limited amount of space, so it is important to design accordingly. The layout can be a bit confusing; that’s why it is critically important to plan each and every detail in the room. And this is where professional virtual staging solutions from Spotless Agency will come to the rescue. They will help you effectively use every inch of the room.

#2 – Take Care of the Storage Space

When you have a small bathroom, you need to maximize the usable area and organize as much storage space as possible. Instead of a mirror above the sink, you can, for example, hang a compact mirror cabinet where you put cosmetics, perfume, and all sorts of other little things that should always be at hand. Under the sink, you can organize a cabinet, install drawers or put a soft laundry basket there. With such an approach, you can employ every corner of the room as per your needs.

#3 – Keep the Order

In a small space, any clutter immediately becomes noticeable and visually reduces the space even more. Think carefully about storage, leave only what you need in the room. Put the rest in other places or hide it in closed cabinets. Remember that a small bathroom quickly becomes crowded if you have too many things on open shelves and hangers. This is especially true of extra towels that tend to accumulate on hooks. Review regularly and remove redundant ones.

#4 – Don’t Forget the Details

Designing a small bathroom doesn’t mean making it boring. Choose a simple design but don’t forget the details. A little beauty and small accessories that do not clutter up the space never hurt, but, on the contrary, improve the overall impression and divert attention from the size. It can be scented candles, a beautiful bottle on a shelf, or a flower in a small vase. All these small things do not take up much space but give individuality to the space and make it stylish.

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#5 – Think About the Color

The right color is the key to success. To make a small space look bigger, it needs to be uniform and light. So use white or lighter shades for the ceiling, doors, and walls. And so that the interior does not seem too monotonous, you can add bright accents to it in the form of colorful towels, a beautiful bathroom curtain, living plants, or paintings on the wall. It is also not forbidden to experiment with ornaments on the floor: use a tile with some interesting pattern and let it attract attention. Just don’t use gouge-out colors or all your efforts will go down the drain.

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#6 – Play Around with Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors that expand the space are a must in a small bathroom. They help the room seem more spacious than it is in reality. Another trick is glass screens separating the bathroom or a glass shower. Transparent glass does not visually fill the space; instead, it reflects and transmits light.

#7 – Ensure There Is Enough Light

The more light there is in the bathroom, the bigger it seems. Of course, it’s good when there is a window in the room, but for standard city apartments, this is more of a luxury than a given. Therefore, take care of good lighting in the bathroom. Use bright overhead lights and illuminated mirrors to ensure there are no dark, poorly lit corners that create a feeling of crampedness.

#8 – Male the Space Functional

Every inch of space in a small bathroom should be functional. Shelves on the walls, cabinets, drawers, corner modules, hooks – everything should work and serve one purpose: to organize the space as much as possible. The best option is to make furniture for small rooms to order. If this is not possible, look for multifunctional items. For example, a mirror combined with a shelf, or compact sinks with a built-in cabinet. Such an approach will help you create a comfortable and stylish setting.

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