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Surgical Removal of Mole, Lipoma & Skin Cyst

There can be several causes and symptoms of skin lumps. But it is a broad term, which you need to study deeply to understand how they look and what you can do to get rid of them. You usually notice it in the form of an elevation, either on top of the skin or under it. Some of them naturally disappear, but many require medical intervention. Also, it doesn’t have to be dangerous. You can leave it if you don’t worry about the aesthetic look or there is no pain. So, skin lumps can occur as a mole, lipoma, skin cyst, and others. Let’s explore them each for a quick understanding.

Skin Cyst

It can be a  sac-like membranous tissue containing air, liquid, or some other material. It can occur in any part of your body or under the skin. However, a cyst is mostly noncancerous. Its treatment can depend on various factors, such as location, type, painful condition or discomfort, etc. Also, doctors will check it for inflammation. If you wish to get rid of it, you will need professional help for removal. Popping them may not be helpful. It can only release the keratinous material but not eliminate it. But an accomplished plastic surgeon can drain them properly or use a steroid injection or other methods to relieve your issue.

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Doctors may not recommend removal if there are plenty of lipomas. They can remove only the one that bothers you the most located at an inconvenient place. But they will first administer local anesthesia before dissecting it. Although it is a minor surgery, you may have to take a histological test first for the larger or inaccessible ones. The doctor can do MRI or CT scan for this. For larger or inaccessible lumps, your doctor can use general anesthesia.


A mole can happen anywhere on your body, even your scalp. It is quite a common skin condition marked by the formation of clusters of skin cells. They can appear darker than your skin tone because of the pigmented cells. Most of them are harmless, but you need to be careful about dysplastic naevus that can be huge, irregular and have different shades in one lump. For giant moles, excision can be the best technique. Doctors usually use local anesthesia for surgery. Also, you don’t have to worry about downtime. In some cases, patients can join their office on the same day of the surgery.

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Cyst, lipoma & mole removal can be vital for you from aesthetic value. But if you face any discomfort due to painful or uncomfortable conditions, you can meet your local plastic surgeon for assistance. They can assess your skin lump well and suggest the best measure based on your requirement.

So, if you were worrying about the sudden appearance of skin lumps, you know what you have to do now. Schedule an appointment with a renowned plastic surgeon, get examined, and receive the proper treatment. Under their guidance, you can expect your wound to heal quickly and hassle-free.

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