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The Essential Bar Equipment Checklist 2022

Once you’ve made a business plan, found a location, chosen a style, and decided on many other issues, it’s time to buy equipment for your bar. After all, just as a craftsman needs their tools, a bartender needs special equipment: beer dispensers, cocktail equipment, a coffee maker, refrigerators and ovens for cooking, and so on. What exactly you may need in the process of arranging the bar – we will consider in more detail.

Bar Equipment List and Their Uses

You do not have to have all of the following devices, tools, and equipment. Just look at all the possible options and choose only what you need to successfully start your business. So what do you need in the kitchen and at the bar?

  • Beer dispensers for other beverages. To pour ice beer, you need to set up lines from the barrels to the bar, etc. They can be very different. It is important to start from the area of ​​the room, design and planning, and other real needs.
  • Refrigerators and freezers are essential for storing food and beverages. Deep refrigerators are used for a variety of beverages, traditional vertical and horizontal models will be needed for products or individual ingredients. The refrigerator is a must in any case. Some models are equipped with ice makers, which is great because in summer you can treat visitors to nice cool drinks.
  • The coffee maker and other equipment for making coffee will help the barista to treat your visitors to a delicious espresso or cappuccino, which is not inferior to the quality of “Starbucks”.
  • Kitchen equipment: ovens, microwaves – everything a chef needs to cook the dishes on the menu.
  • Various bar accessories: shakers, strainers, etc. Allow your bartenders to prepare the highest quality drinks.
  • Dishes. This seems obvious, but it should be immediately added to the list of essentials. There should be not only plates and glasses but also everything for cooking: cups, pots, etc. Also, don’t forget about small containers for storing individual products.
  • Sinks, sinks, and other plumbing. Do so. to make a pleasant impression on visitors not only from delicious dishes but also from the opportunity to wash your hands in warm water, use a hand dryer and antiseptic with a good smell.
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The initial cost of bar equipment can be several thousand dollars, but these are the investments that are sure to return tenfold. Try to write everything down in advance, only then go shopping. This step will save you money and will ensure that you have everything you need for a successful business.

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