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The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Omega Watch

This time the Omega watchmakers are one of the well-known time makers; it is also known as luxurious and at the same time iconic timepieces. The watchmakers are well known for their timepieces that come with the best quality and high precision, and these watches will keep on working year after year.

The Omega brand started in 1848 in La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland; the mastermind to these iconic watch brands is no other than Louis Brandt. For the first 30 years of the Omega watch brand, the business stayed modest. They sell their timepieces all over the world, and because of their quality, a lot of people wanted one.

How to know if your Omega timepiece is fake

There are many ways for you to spot the difference between an original Omega watch and a fake one. Here are some of the differences you may look at upon buying Omega Watches from resellers. The first one is that its dial always looks at it if it gives attention to every detail, especially its engraving, spacing, and spelling.


The Omega logo, the authentic Omega timepieces, comes with a logo that is separated from the dial, while the copycats usually print the logo of the Omega. If you can hear the ticking of your Omega or the second-hand hand stutters, there can be a possibility that your Omega timepiece is a fake Omega brand.

Omega original watches lumens are brighter than the lumen of a fake Omega watch. An original Omega comes with a serial number that directly relates to a certain Omega timepiece model. If you search it and it matches exactly with your watch, your Omega timepiece is an original Omega. There are more ways to know a fake Omega. 

Speedmaster Professional

This timepiece became iconic and dubbed as the “Moonwatch” after the astronaut Buzz Aldrin decided to wear this certain timepiece and fly with it into the moon. After Buzz Aldrin was seen wearing this watch, many were influenced to avail of this timepiece.

Omega Constellation

The dubbed king known as Elvis Presley was one of the stars who fans saw wearing Omega watchmakers. He wore this certain timepiece when he was still in a stint in the army. This timepiece comes along with a Caliber 504 that is a manual movement winding chronometer.

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This timepiece also comes with a stainless steel case that is colored in pink gold. The typical design for this model comes with a decagonal crown and also has a stainless steel casebook. The golden hour comes with luminous inserts.

Seamster Professional

We all know Prince William having a timepiece approved by one of the royal family is a dream come true for every watchmaker around the world. People saw Prince William wearing an Omega Seamster Professional. This is a timepiece known for its versatile style and rugged and fits for any occasion you might have in the future.

Omega Ultra-Thin 

In 1960, a businessman from Florida gave the soon-to-be president of that time, known as John F Kennedy, a gift. This gift was especially known as the Omega Ultra Thin. John F Kennedy even wore this timepiece when they inaugurated him as the president. That is why a lot of people also wanted to buy this certain watch model.

Additional facts about Omega timepieces

President Nixon turned down the offer to have a gift known to be the first-ever gold Speedmaster Professional Deluxe in the year 1969, not because he didn’t want it but because he thought this timepiece was too valuable just to be gifted to him.


There are only 261 Omega La Magique timepieces made, and a lead actor of the film Scarface known as Tony Montana wore this certain timepiece. In 1984 and 1990, the Omega watchmakers decided to create a collection that is dedicated only to their founder Louis Brandt.

The Constellation Baguette is the most expensive timepiece. The Omega watch brand has the timepiece luxurious price is $700,000. It comes with a 146 trapeze, 30 carats, and the dial of this certain timepiece comes with a baguette diamond. It also comes with a 459 Wessleton diamond, and the case of this watch has 18-carat white gold.


These are just some guides for you about the Omega timepieces. There are more guides you can find on the internet. We only want you to know the important facts about the Omega brand and how you will spot the fake Omega watches from the original ones, especially that many people now want to earn money.

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