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Tired Of Playing The Same Rules Of Cards? Get To Know A More Fun Version Here

Are you getting bored of playing the same card games all the time? Do you want to play other card games like rummy? Do you know how to play the different versions of a rummy card game? If you want to learn different interesting card games, then here are some of the different card games that can create much more fun than earlier.

Card games are played for fun in India and in many other countries around the world. There are lots of card games played in different countries. People nowadays prefer to play online games on online gaming platforms like Tabletopia, Getmega, etc, which offer exciting tournaments and some real cash. Some card games like rummy card games have different versions also. Some of the versions of rummy card games are Russian rummy card games, Gin Rummy card game, 500 Rummy card game, Kalookie Rummy card game, Pool Rummy card game, 7 card rummy game, Royal rummy card game, Dummy Rummy card game, Points Rummy card game, 13 cards Rummy game, etc. Here are some card games that are explained in a simple way to understand.

Types of Card Games that can be played in groups

There are different types of card games that are played all over the world. You can also play these card games like Russian rummy card games online in Getmega, which is one of the leading gaming platforms where you can play different games and earn real money. They not only provide a better gaming experience but also give you advanced tips and strategies to understand and win the game. Here are some of the different types of card games that you can play for a better experience.

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Go Fish

Go fish is one of the most popular and family-oriented card games that you can play with your family. You can also involve children in this game. The whole family can play this game with a maximum number of players. It is played with 52 cards from the deck including the Joker card. Each player holds 7 cards if 2 players are playing but if more than 2 players are playing the game, then each player holds 5 cards. It is very simple to play. One player asks another player for a particular card and if the player has that card, then he or she will hand over his or her cards, or else the opponent will say “go fish”. Then the next player’s turn will come.


You must have seen this game on old computers. It was one of the most popular games in old times but now it is available in enhanced versions. Solitaire requires skill, strategy, memory, and also luck. It is a game where you need to arrange the cards from king to ace. You can play this game alone both online and offline.

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Heart is a card game just like other card games where a player needs minimum points to win the game. The player with more points will lose the game. It is one of the most tricked card games in all. It is played by 4 players. In this game, all 52 cards are distributed among all the players. The heart cards count as 1 point and the queen of spade counts as 13 points alone. After a player places a card in their middle, they should each take turns placing their cards. The person with the highest score is declared as the winner of the hand and he or she will take the hand with full points.


Poker is a very popular and beloved card game. Card games are a favorite pastime game all over the globe. Poker is a card game that can be played in many different ways and in different locations. There are three things that all poker games have in common: bet, raise and fold. Although there are many variations of poker, players can easily play any poker version if they understand the true value of winning a round of a card game as well as the betting rules.


There are many versions of rummy games but the most popular rummy card game is Russian rummy. The Russian rummy card game is another rummy game that is similar to a contract card game. The Russian rummy game is different from all other traditional card games. It is played with 2 to 5 players. In the Russian rummy game, it is necessary to take all 12 hands to win. In this game, 13 cards were distributed among the players. The joker card is used in this game.

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The different card games create different enjoyment in life. Most people play card games for fun but few people play a few card games like Russian rummy very seriously. You can play different games online on the popular gaming platform Getmega. It is one of the most popular gaming platforms that give a real gaming experience with real money. You can win money by playing different games online here.

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