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Commercial Trucks

What are the Dangers of Different Types of Commercial Trucks?

Eighteen-wheelers are a necessity on the roads, but they can also pose a great danger to other drivers. When a large commercial truck collides with a much smaller vehicle, the occupants of the smaller vehicle often suffer catastrophic injuries. Drivers need to be aware of the possible dangers of different types of commercial trucks so they can protect themselves on the open road. 

Classifications for the Most Common Types of Commercial Trucks

Multiple commercial trucks are found on the road. When driving around large trucks, individuals need to be aware of the different types so they may take the correct actions to protect themselves against accidents and injuries. The following offers information on the classifications of different commercial trucks in the United States. 

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Single-Unit Trucks

A single-unit truck is designed to specifically haul cargo. Single-unit trucks may have two or three axles. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of these trucks is 10,000 plus pounds. 

Truck Trailers

Truck and trailer combinations are also found on the open road. These commercial vehicles are designed to carry cargo. These semi-trucks are classified according to the type of power unit and not the trailer. Truck trailers are also classified by weight. 

Semi-Trailers and Truck Tractors

These commercial vehicles include a power unit that is made to pull a trailer. Part of the weight of the semi-trailer rests itself on the power unit of the truck. 

The above are the most common types of commercial trucks individuals will encounter on the road. All larger trucks present a danger, especially when they are driven by inexperienced or negligent drivers. 

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What Dangers Do Eighteen-Wheelers Pose to Other Drivers?

Eighteen-wheelers are one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road, mainly because of their formidable size and weight. Because of these, collisions with a large commercial truck often prove deadly for drivers of smaller vehicles. The following are some of the reasons these trucks are so dangerous. 

  • Driver fatigue is one of the primary reasons eighteen-wheelers are so dangerous. When drivers drive long hours without rest, their reaction times can be just as poor as if they were drunk. 
  • Distracted driving is another reason these large commercial trucks are dangerous to other drivers. An eighteen-wheeler demands the full attention of the driver. 
  • Drug and alcohol use also cause many truck accidents. The long hours and loneliness sometimes lead truck drivers to use drugs or alcohol. 
  • An eighteen-wheeler is also a danger because of the driver’s lack of training. Driving a truck requires a tremendous amount of training. 
  • Poor vehicle maintenance can make a large commercial truck highly dangerous. These trucks require ample maintenance to perform safely on the road. 
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Injured Truck Accident Victims Have Rights

When someone is injured because of a truck driver’s negligence or intentional acts, the victim has the right to pursue fair compensation under the law. Injured victims need to be aware of their rights and the steps they need to take to start the process of filing a claim. 

It is wise for individuals to schedule a consultation appointment with a lawyer as soon as possible after their truck accident. There is a statute of limitations that limits the amount of time individuals have to file a claim for their injuries and damages. Those who have been injured in an accident with an eighteen-wheeler need to take action right away. 

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