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Your Key to Success: Sports Injury Treatment Cypress

Recently, there has been a decline in the level of physical activity and exercise despite it being significant for good health. A sports injury is damage that occurs to any part of the body as you engage in athletic activities, sports, or exercise. The injury could have developed over time that is chronic or sudden which is referred to as acute injury that needs Foot Sports Injury Treatment Houston.

Sports injuries occur to anyone at any time. However, they are more likely to occur in people who do not wear protective equipment during sporting, are out of shape, participate in contact sports that involve collisions or tackling, and exercise without cooling down or warming up. Additionally, if you participate in sports that involve jumping, pivoting, running or direction change quickly you might need a Houston sports medicine specialist. Sports injuries are caused by accidents, bad sports habits such as not warming up, improper footwear that does not provide enough support, lack of safety gear or damaged gear or incorrect wear, and sudden start for exercise or significant increase in physical activity that the body is not used to, a Houston Sports Injury Podiatrist advises on the best way forward in these cases.

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Common sports injuries

Dislocation – it normally occurs when the bone moves from the normal position in the joint. For example, a shoulder might pop out of its socket.

Bone fracture – it happens when sudden pressure and force are applied to the bone.

Sprains – a sprain happens to ligaments that connect the bone and stabilizes the joints. A sprain is when the ligament stretches too much or tears. Sprains are common in the wrist, ankle, and knee with injuries ranging from mild to severe.

Cartilage tear – the cartilage is a shock absorber that protects the ends of the bones. It is tough and flexible but an injury can occur when overstretched. This injury is common to the knee.

Strains – strains occur to the muscles when they overextend by stretching or tearing.  

Concussion – it is a severe injury to the brain caused by a blow or bumps to the head.

Tendinitis – is when the tissues that connect to the muscle or bones become inflamed and swollen. Tendinitis is due to repetitive movements of the feet.

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Common parts of injury in the foot

Ankle – the foot and leg join together at the ankle which contains ligaments, bones, tendons, cartilage, and joints. Ankle pain is common when there is a sprained ankle.

Achilles tendon – it is a thick cord that is for at the back of your lower leg and connects to your heel. The tendon helps you walk but sometimes can become stiff, swollen, or inflamed. Sometimes the tendon can tear causing an Achilles tendon rupture or Achilles tendinitis.

Knee – the knee is a hinge between the lower leg and the thigh though it is a complex joint. The knee has tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and bones. Common knee injuries are anterior cruciate ligament tear and meniscus tear. You can also experience knee pain caused by the runner’s knee or jumper’s knee.

How to treat a sports injury?

Sports injuries differ in Houston sports medicine treatment considering the type, severity, and location. With home strategies, sports injuries heal after a few weeks. Other Sports Injuries Treatment Houston includes:

  • Immobilization using walking devices such as walking boots, splint, cast, sling, and other medical assistive devices.
  • Prescribed anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Cortisone injections.
  • Physical therapy to rehabilitates the injury by strengthening while healing the injured part.
  • Surgery is done to correct cartilage tears, and repair ligaments, or tendons.
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Reducing the risk of sports injuries in sports injury treatment Houston?

  • Choose less dangerous activities and sports that do not involve tackles and collisions.
  • Combine your sports routine to include strength training, aerobic exercise, and flexibility. Do not play the same activity year-round.
  • Stay hydrated by taking a lot of water all through, that is before, after, and during the sport.
  • Learn proper sporting techniques and use them always.
  • Obey your body if you do not feel right rest and do not push too far.
  • Warm up by stretching before the workout and cool down afterward.
  • Sports should start gradually and build up as you continue. For example, while running start by walking or jogging before running.
  • Use proper safety equipment and shoes that are in good condition.
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