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Your Wide-Ranging Guide to Residential Garage Doors and the Best Ways of Installing Them

When you drive down the streets in your locality, you will notice one thing: every house has a garage. These days, the garage has become a fundamental part of single-family homes along with fences and lawns because of its functional aspect. The garage protects the vehicle from weather elements and gives a different appeal to the residents. The garage’s connection to your house adds to the home exterior.

The garage often pulls double duty where you place your car and use the area as your storage room. The two fundamental things, which matter when talking about the garage door, are appearance and functionality. In the last few years, garage door design and technology have evolved. These have improved, and thus today, the garage doors in front of you protect the car and your home. Also, garage doors contribute to the curb appeal of your home, which increases the property value. You must invest in a high-quality garage door to create the right impression. For this, you must understand the different categories available in the market. 

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Sectional garage doors

You will encounter the most common garage door in the market and online. These are the sectional garage doors, which consist of a horizontal panel connected by hinges and fitted with rollers that run on parallel tracks. It is the most popular garage door style for residential neighbors. Sectional garage doors come with windows, although other options don’t even have these. 

Hence, you have an alternative to taking advantage of windows according to your requirement. The panels making up the sectional garage door come in different styles and shapes. You have the arc shape and the square shape to give you a contemporary and traditional look. 

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If you want to invest in high-quality garage doors, you can go with sectional doors of Chicago Garage Door because they use heavy-duty torsion springs wrapped around the torsion bar, which acts like a counterweight for the garage door. Hence, it becomes easier for the homeowner to lift the garage door manually without using motorized openers. 

Carriage garage doors

The second most significant garage door category is the carriage door category. These doors get designed to help you with a rustic look. The swing-style garage door uses woods that hang on vertical hinges. The overall appearance goes on nicely with the different residential styles and arrivals. Thus, if you want to go with an energy-efficient and modern appeal garage door, it has to be the carriage garage door. The classy and elegant appearance of these doors with their energy efficiency is why people are interested in them. Since these doors swing outside, they require clearance for opening before the car moves inside. 

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If you want to decide on the garage door options, you have to work with professionals who will help you choose the door and install them. Remember, multiple garage door materials are at your disposal, like steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Based on your budget and your needs, you can choose from them. 

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