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All You Need to Know About Wagering in Online Casinos


Players in almost all online casino sites show an overwhelming desire to snatch the extra cash bonuses to be won. These bonuses are popularly used by online casinos and are offered regularly. Such bonuses are usually set in place by online casino sites to attract new players and amass a pool of subscribers — an online casino site is a business after all. 

Being a business, an online casino site is not able to give out unlimited amounts of bonuses without players placing bets. Profit margins are often their bottom line. As such, wagering comes with requirements that players have to adhere to for the online casino site to remain financially operable and profitable. To play with fair wagering requirements, try sites with safe practices that will also protect your winnings and deposit. Visit UK regulated bingo sites now.

Common Wagering Requirements 

Simply put, a wager is the amount of money a player places a bet on. It is a gamble to contribute toward their wagering requirement. As mentioned, wagering comes with a host of rules set by the casino. A common wagering requirement essentially sets a minimum limit on the number of instances a player must place a bet before they can win and collect their bonuses. 

For example, for a new player who has just entered an online gambling site to win their $50 welcome gift bonus with a 2x wagering requirement, they would need to place bets to a minimum of twice that value to begin collecting that bonus. For instance, in this case, a player would need to place bets to a minimum of $100 to collect their bonus. 

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These rules have come about as players in the past have usually collected bonuses without betting any of their cash. Aside from helping businesses remain profitable, it also gently nudges players to get used to the feel of placing bets and helps them become comfortable with the process of wagering with the promise of a welcome bonus. 

Beating the Wagering Barrier 

The nature of placing bets with a wager would mean players are at risk of losing their bonus money along with their cash, or they might reach a point where their bonus expires before they can withdraw any of it. 

There are however multiple methods and loopholes online players can use to get over these requirements or at least lower their negative impacts. 

Low Wagering Requirement 

Players can consider being on the lookout for online casinos that have low wagering requirements. The good number to look for is a maximum of 10x wagering requirement, with anything about 20x being too high and best to avoid for the average online gambler as these tend to be too high-risk and may cause you to lose large amounts of your cash.

Game Weighting Rules

Additionally, many online casinos that use wagering have game weighting systems. Different games on the site contribute varying values toward the wagering requirement set by the respective online casinos. For instance, a game of blackjack could contribute a maximum of 10% toward your wagering requirement, and a game of casino slots would contribute up to 100% toward your wagering requirement. Additionally, slots also come with varying volatility rates that can contribute differently toward your wagering requirement. 

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As an added caution, players must be careful to make sure that the maximum bet set in place by the casino is not extremely low. A maximum of $3 is good enough for the casual online gambler to place their bets and contribute toward their wagering requirement. A low maximum bet would encourage players to place even more bets and could lead to your spending getting out of control. 

Best Games to Play To Complete Your Wager

Online casino slots are generally hugely popular with players seeking to complete their wagering requirements. Casino slot games are also more enjoyable and familiar to players as they are popularly depicted in media and are seen as generally more fun. 

The best slots usually played are the ones that have low to medium volatility rates as these types of slots are more likely to dish out payouts than higher volatility ones. However, they might not provide massive payouts, and players with a higher risk appetite can consider other slot games with higher volatility rates instead. 

No Wagering Casinos

Some online casinos operate on a no-wager basis, where players are simply able to collect their bonus and continue playing with their welcome bonus cash. 

In theory, this is the best form of online gambling. This mode of betting allows players to walk away with all their money and their winnings if they win on their bets. And if they lose, they lost none of their cash and at least enjoyed some adrenaline rush from placing their bets.

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The key to winning cash in online casinos that have no wagers is to simply follow the promotional instructions given by the site. Online casinos usually offer welcome bonuses of amounts such as $20, and players are then able to select that promotion and continue with their playing experience.

Bear in mind that these bonuses often come with an expiration date, so players will have to be careful with pacing their bets to be able to collect their bonus or risk wasting their playing time and efforts. 

Be sure to also keep a lookout for the maximum amount that your no-wager casino site will let you withdraw, as it may be painful to be able to win a large amount of cash with bets placed with your bonus but not be able to withdraw any of it out. 


Placing your bets on online casinos that have wagering requirements may be a good way to get your hands on that sweet bonus. However, be mindful of spending too much of your own money to contribute toward your wagering requirement. An online casino website that offers maximum bets of about $3 on average is generally safe to place your bets with without accumulating too much risk. 

For a less-risky and potentially more engaging experience, you may also consider looking for online gambling sites that operate on a no-wager basis. This means you only bet with your bonus money, and can walk away as rich as you were before you entered that particular online casino website. 

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