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Do Your Employees Feel Valued?

Do your employees feel valued? It’s not always an easy question to ask and certainly not easy to answer. In the current shift from at-home work to back in-office, the workforce seems to be stuck in limbo. With many employees calling for a change in their workplace or looking toward different paths, it can be a confusing time to run a business.

When trying to make hard decisions, you might not know how to help your employees and compromise where you can, but it might not be as simple as you might think. However, any of us who employ staff need to ask hard questions. 

How Do You Know You Have the Right Employees?

While you value all of your employees, when it comes to complex decisions, it’s always good to have an idea of what kind of staff you want to keep the most and which future hires are going to fit your team best.

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Spending a little more on your hiring process can help you fill your positions with committed and hardworking staff members. The background check cost is very much worth it when finding the right people for your company. It can help you feel at ease knowing your potential employees are as good as they say.

What Can You Do to Help Them?

When trying to help your staff feel valued, it can get messy quickly trying to find a one size fits all solution. Trying to make everyone happy will often make no one happy, so it’s of vital importance to understand the core of the issue.

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Are your staff earning a fair rate? If you can afford to increase your staff’s wages, some companies find that increasing wages leads to a better workplace and harder workers. As much as you might not think it, for your employees, just a little more pay can make a significant difference to their wellbeing. 

What Are Your Limits?

No one wants to be a mean boss or to come off as cruel, but trying to know when to listen and when not to can be difficult. Having an idea of your limits can help you find where you can compromise and where you can’t.

Knowing how to set limits with your employees is easier when you know them from the outset. Dealing with problems from situations can get murky fast, especially if they cross the boundary from workplace to personal. 

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Try and come up with ideas of core values. Know what is and isn’t your concern as a business leader, and then stick to it. Once your team understands your core values, you are freer to be flexible when it serves the situation.


Being a good boss and being a nice boss aren’t always one and the same, but having your employees feel valued isn’t often about being their friend in the first place. Knowing how to help is often about putting yourself in their shoes, having an understanding of issues that arise during hard times, and knowing where your own limits are.

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