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Functional Medicine

Explore the New Approach to Functional Medicine

Functional doctors offer a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding and treating an illness. Along with access to providers in an array of disciplines and specialized training, one receives care that focuses on medical history and all aspects of life. It is wise to visit an available doctor if suffering from a chronic health condition or ailment. 

When opting for a functional doctor, you are selecting to work with an individual who underwent traditional medical training and received additional certification from a specialized school or organization—then applying the teachings of functional medicine to their field of medical practice. Further training allows the doctors to establish relationships with doctors of multiple disciplines.

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Functional medicine is a specially designed health model that provides science-based and patient-centered care to a sick person. Working over multiple disciplines, available doctors give a detailed understanding of what is happening inside the body. Functional medicine Columbus Ohiospecializing in all aspects of functional medicine, helps to care about holistic health. Available doctors pay particular attention to their patient’s genetic makeup, lifestyle, and biochemical factors, coming up with a course of treatment that targets the root cause of the patient’s health condition or ailment.

Is functional medicine a comprehensive treatment? 

As mentioned above, a functional doctor provides a comprehensive treatment by looking at factors including lifestyle factors such as daily diet, work-life, hobbies, activity level, and stressors. They focus on genetic factors like the individual’s family’s health history (both physical and mental); and environmental factors, i.e., allergens and toxins that might be present in everyday life. You must come to an appointment prepared to answer detailed questions about day-to-day activities, frequent stressors, and the impact of diet on mood.

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Patients who visit functional doctors are at a more significant advantage over the traditional courses of medicine. They may expect numerous benefits, including:

Focus on science-based and patient-centric treatment and care

Functional doctors do not simply look at medical history records but try to get to know their patients as a person. They undertake a comprehensive medical history and lifestyle review to view the complete health picture. Using this to identify symptoms and possible disease triggers, these doctors devise a treatment plan addressing the root cause.

A multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment

Functional doctors support patients through their complete wellness journey. Often more than one provider caters to one patient. One may have access to a physician, nurse practitioner, health coach, registered dietician, and behavioral health therapist. These specialists work together, aiming at holistic health from different angles.

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Treating chronic conditions

There is a critical focus on chronic conditions. Functional doctors are typically helpful in treating chronic ailments like adrenal disorders, arthritis, asthma, dementia, and other autoimmune diseases.

Alternative treatments/medicine

Though some doctors prescribe traditional medicines, functional doctors also offer alternative courses of treatment like meditation, acupuncture, herbal remedies, or lifestyle changes.

Functional medicine is a wise choice if one is open to adopting a new approach to treating health conditions and trying out more unique or exclusive treatments.

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