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Moving a Home: Let’s Take Some Technological Help

Moving home is much more than just packing and transporting your stuff to your new place, it is much more than that. We often forget to think about the other aspects of moving like taking leaves from work, managing pending office work after the move, finding a good moving company, and organizing your new space. You need to research every single task related to a move. So, if you too are planning a move, consider all the direct and indirect factors of your move to stay sane during the move and transition. But don’t worry; here comes the part of technology that can make anything and everything easier. 

Technology has emerged as a saviour in modern times, no matter what you need; technology plays an important role in providing you the required thing. Even in the moving sector, the best moving companies utilize tech to make the process easier. The finest example of moving companies using technology to enhance customer services is the features on iMoving.com. So don’t handle your moving process alone and let technology help you in this life-changing event of your life.


Here are some ways how technology can help you in your moving process:

Research and Plan Your Move

Planning your move should be the first step of your moving process and you can use online apps to create a timeline and checklists of your moving tasks. These apps will help you in completing your listed tasks within the mentioned timeline. You will get constant and timely reminders of the tasks to be completed in a specific period.

Once you have outlined the moving process, the next step is to research for a good moving company. You can depend on online reviews and ratings created by the past customers of the companies. No company can have all good reviews, in such cases; make sure you check the company’s response to bad reviews. This will ensure if the company is good at fixing problems in case of any emergency.

Virtual Surveys of Home to Provide Moving Quotes

Once you are done with research and you end up with a few companies to select from, you will want to compare the cost and services of all those selected companies. Earlier, you had to schedule an appointment with each company to get moving price quotes and the employees of all these companies used to physically visit your house checking all your stuff and opening all your cabinets. But technology has made this embarrassing and lengthy task a lot easier. Moving companies now provide you a link and you can take them on your home tour at a mutually agreed time and they can provide you based on that virtual home tour. This way is far less invasive than the earlier practices.



You can use technology to declutter your house better. We all know that moving is the perfect time to downsize and declutter your house so, get rid of all the stuff that you do not want to take to your new house. The overall moving cost depends on the size and weight of your goods so downsizing your shipment is highly recommended. Selling unwanted stuff is a challenging job, but nothing to worry about; some online apps help you in selling your used goods. All you have to do is click the picture of the good that you want to sell and upload it on the app.

Moving Boxes Organization

Organizing packed moving boxes may seem a simple task but it isn’t. You may mess up all the boxes if you do not organize them well after packing them. Some online apps help you in creating the inventory of your goods and you can also catalog your stuff in each room. You can even have an idea of the estimated weight of a particular box that can help you in calculating the estimated cost of your move. These apps also have the feature of creating QR codes that can be pasted to the boxes. These QR codes can later be scanned to know the room the box belongs to.


Plan and Organize Things at Your New Home

You can rely upon apps that help you to map out your home and this will enable you to decide what should be placed where at your new home. These apps create a 3D floor plan of your home, all you have to do is scan each room and your Floor plan is ready. Now that your boxes are labeled and have QR codes on them, just decide where you want to place your big furniture items and get the boxes delivered to the room they belong to. Unloading your stuff in the right way can make your organizing work a lot easier than before. Organizing your house was never so easy. Along with all of the above benefits, technology also helps us in staying in touch with our office work. Thanks to technology. You can even opt for the work from home option till the new house is organized properly.

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