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Voice modulation

Everything You Need to Know About Voice Modulation

One of the most powerful ways to grab the attention of an audience is to use voice modulation. Voice modulation is when you voluntarily control or adjust your voice. It is when you choose to go louder or softer, faster or slower, dramatic or emotional. 

Basically, voice modulation means using your tone and voice to communicate your message more effectively. You can make your voice dramatic enough to engage the audience in what you have to say.

Without voice modulation, you would speak in a continuous, monotonous pitch or tone which would make the audience zone out in 5 seconds. Here is a guide on how to take care of your voice modulation.

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#1. Be loud and clear

We use voice modulation in our day-to-day conversations as well, but the problem arises when we have to get up in front of an audience. The stage fright causes our throat to dry up and makes it hard for us to effectively use our tone and pitch. Enunciating each word clearly instead of rushing through them is a good place to start. 

#2. Stress powerful words

Emphasizing the keywords of your speech will make people sit and notice them. They will remember those specific words because you subtly nudged them to look out for these words with your change in tone. It will make your speech sound more interactive as well.

#3. Effective pauses

A general rule of thumb would be to have a pause between two topics and also just after finishing off a particularly important point. It will pull your audience out of their limbo and force them to think about what you just said. But take care to avoid any form of stammering and fumbling. 

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#4. Loud and soft vocal variation 

There is a fine line between being loud and shouting and it is imperative that you walk this line with the precision of a surgeon. You need to be loud enough to seem confident and also for your audience to listen to you. And then you can drop your pitch when you really want your audience to lean in and listen. You can use your soft voice as a form of emphasis. 

#5. Connect with the audience 

They say that the audience judges the speaker in the initial 90 seconds to know whether they are going to listen to them any further or not. So this information basically leaves you with a very small time span in which you are supposed to grab the attention of the audience. Make an engaging speech that you are passionate about and let your enthusiasm infect your audience. 

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