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White Widow Feminized Seeds

Start your day with a bang by allowing the tantalizing buds from White Widow feminized seeds to fuel your mind and body. This balanced hybrid earned its place in the marijuana hall of fame, benefiting recreational and medicinal users. If you’re a budding cannabis cultivator, look no further than White Widow feminized seeds. Not only are they straightforward to grow, but they also offer massive yields and nugs so beautiful, you won’t stop smiling.

Join us as we delve into a world of utter bliss, and discover more about this healing herb.

White Widow feminized seeds description

Feminized White Widow seeds are among a handful of cannabis strains that have gone down in the annals of marijuana history. Images of snow-capped buds piercing a lush green canopy spring to mind immediately to those familiar with this cultivar. Created in the Netherlands, White Widow feminized seeds first entered the market in the 90s. Breeders used two opposite landrace strains to create a perfectly balanced hybrid.

This illustrious strain showcases several impressive traits like 18–25% THC and incredibly resinous flowers. You need to indulge in White Widow feminized weed before you can truly savor its brilliance. Its energizing effects spark creativity and focus, making it a solid wake and bake option. This legendary powerhouse has racked up an impressive collection of awards, most notably taking first at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. Feminized White Widow seeds have also made a name for themselves as one of the easiest iconic cultivars to raise. These resilient plants can withstand inexperienced blunders and still manage to reward an impressive yield come harvest season. What’s more, its high trichome count makes this cultivar a splendid choice for those looking to create cannabis concentrates. It’s not only recreational users enjoying the weed from White Widow feminized seeds. Medical patients can also use this cannabis plant for alternative treatment. This strain’s powerful effects can benefit anyone seeking relief from chronic migraines, body pain, and fatigue.  Its uplifting qualities can also assist patients with depression and anxiety. Like any other potent cannabis cultivar, novice users need to keep their dosage low and slow to avoid overwhelming the senses. If you’re interested in raising marijuana for the first time, White Widow feminized seeds are your best choice.

White Widow feminized effects

You’re probably thinking, what exactly awaits you after smoking the buds grown from White Widow feminized seeds? For starters, the balanced genetics of this cultivar means you can expect a mind and body high. The effects reveal themselves almost immediately as you inhale the smooth smoke of White Widow feminized weed. This strain’s intoxicating blend of THC triggers a powerful, uplifting sensation that rids the mind of any stress and self-doubt. As your mood improves, so do your energy levels. You feel ready to take on the day, meeting any challenge head-on.


You don’t need to worry about any fogginess after toking on White Widow feminized buds. Instead, complete mental clarity keeps you at your best while amplifying your creativity. Much like these buds rejuvenate your mind, they also induce a sense of calm and tranquility into your body. You’ll feel a wave of relaxation washing over you, removing any aches or pains, leaving you feeling fresh. This cultivar is a marvelous option to pair with activities like reading, listening to music, and creating art in moderation. Remember to keep your dosage of White Widow feminized cannabis within your limits. Overindulging can lead to a strong couch-lock, paranoia, and increased anxiety. If you have a low tolerance for cannabis, rather keep these mouth-watering flowers as an after-work treat. Some users report a few side effects after smoking White Widow feminized weed. Common irritations include dry eyes, cottonmouth, and the infamous munchies. You can easily remedy these feelings by ensuring you have some healthy snacks and a bottle of water close by. A few drops of eye drops will also help with any redness.

White Widow feminized flavors

The flavor and fragrance produced by the White Widow feminized flowers is nothing short of perfection. These buds begin indulging your senses with a sweet earthy aroma. If you close your eyes and inhale deeply, you’ll find yourself in a pine forest after a rainstorm. You’ll also notice a slight spicy profile in the background, adding further depth to the overall smell of White Widow feminized weed. When you exhale, a peppery tang emerges on your pallet, lingering long enough to balance the initial sweet taste. White Widow feminized buds are dominated by myrcene terpenes which are responsible for their amazing mix of flavors. You can find this compound in similar scented herbs like thyme and lemongrass and promotes a calming sensation.

How to germinate White Widow feminized seeds

If you hope to see massive yields of quality cannabis, you need to germinate your White Widow feminized seeds correctly. There are various methods to accomplish this goal, with some offering better results than others. Many amateur cultivators choose to plant their marijuana seeds directly into the soil, applying water every day. Although this technique is considered the safest, it can take up to ten days before you see any signs of growth. Another option involves leaving your White Widow feminized seeds in a glass of water for 24 hours. The issue with this procedure is that you risk shocking your seeds which can cause further issues as your plant ages. Experts recommended using a germinating technique known as the wet towel method when growing White Widow feminized seeds. This process is budget-friendly and also promises results in five days. All you need is a few household items such as:

  • A dinner plate
  • A roll of paper towel
  • A bottle of purified water
  • A pair of tweezers

Begin by wetting two sheets of paper towel and then placing one flat on a dinner plate.  Use your tweezers to place your White Widow feminized seeds on the wet paper. This technique helps avoid the oil on your hands causing contamination. Cover the cannabis seeds with the second sheet of wet paper towel. Leave the plate in a dark, dry area such as a cupboard. Regularly check on your White Widow feminized seeds, ensuring they stay moist the entire time. Once your weed seeds have grown a taproot measuring a quarter-inch, you can move them into a pot with soil.

White Widow feminized seeds grow information

Growing White Widow feminized seeds is an unforgettable experience all cannabis cultivators should add to their bucket lists. This desirable strain is perfect for beginners as it easily forgives common novice mistakes. These plants also resist many diseases and pests, ensuring your crops stay healthy and strong. On top of that, feminized White Widow seeds aren’t vulnerable to mold, removing a major headache for those keen to grow outdoors. Crops can reach heights of up to 6.5 feet. Remember to utilize additional training techniques to help keep your plant’s stature in check, especially with limited vertical space. As these are feminized White Widow seeds, there’s no need to weed out the males once your plants hit the vegging stage. The worry of cross-pollination is also eradicated. When it comes to picking a growing medium, you can choose either soil or hydroponics. Soil rich in minerals helps to improve your plant’s immune system. This type of substrate is also brilliant for enhancing the flavor and fragrance of your buds. Hydroponics tend to speed up the growth time of your crops, allowing you to get your hands on these sticky buds sooner.

If you have the space and budget, grow your White Widow feminized seeds indoors. The level of control allows you to create the perfect environment for your crops. The added advantage to this method is you can cultivate cannabis all year round rather than sticking to the warmer seasons. Try to maintain a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level between 40 and 50%. You can use the Screen of Green method to encourage lateral growth and expose more budding sights to light. White Widow feminized seeds have a flowering time of eight to nine weeks. It’s during this period where you can expose buds to colder temperatures and draw out more colors. One item that’s necessary for an indoor grow room is an odor filter. It will help eliminate the powerful aroma produced by this strain’s resinous flowers.

Outdoor enthusiasts should plant their White Widow feminized seeds in April. A Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine works best, but these cannabis seeds can withstand colder temperatures. You can harvest your crops in October, netting yields up to 25 oz. per plant. In comparison, an indoor setup produces around 16 oz./m².

Why not learn more about this strain and find out how you can grow the perfect harvest?

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White Widow feminized seeds genetics

Feminized White Widow seeds owe their incredible capabilities to two very different parent cultivars. As we’ve mentioned, this strain first appeared in the 90s thanks to the efforts of renowned Dutch breeders. The group took a Brazilian landrace steeped in sativa genes and crossed it with a South Indian indica. As a result, White Widow feminized seeds took the best attributes of each of its parents and combined them. The Brazilian cultivar induces a strong euphoria coupled with mental clarity. It produces thin, tall plants with lightly compacted buds. It’s from this parent that White Widow feminized buds get their sweet, earthy fragrance. On the other side of the cannabis spectrum, you find the South Indian strain. This pure indica cultivar targets any pain and tension in your body, leaving you feeling relaxed. It’s thanks to this parent that White Widow feminized weed offers such a high resin production.

Where to buy White Widow feminized seeds

It’s not difficult to find White Widow feminized marijuana seeds for sale. The trick is making sure you buy quality seeds from a trusted source. If you live in a state where recreational weed is legal, you’ll find this cannabis cultivar at your local dispensary. As this strain greatly benefits medicinal users, you can also purchase White Widow feminized seeds from stores issuing medical marijuana. There’s always a chance that the store is out of stock, especially since this strain is so sought-after. You can always beat the queues and head to a reputable online seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co. There’s a wide range of cannabis strains on offer and the option to have your White Widow feminized seeds delivered discreetly. Another advantage to purchasing cannabis seeds online is the option to choose different variants, like autoflower seeds. This version doesn’t require sunlight to grow, but its additional genetics makes it better suited to experienced cultivators.

Beat the morning blues with the White Widow strain

When you look at its track record, it’s easy to see why White Widow feminized seeds are a quintessential cannabis option. Its potent THC levels attract marijuana fans worldwide, tempted to indulge in a true classic cultivar. Try smoking these sweet, spicy buds in the morning, replacing your morning coffee for a long-lasting energetic buzz. Alternatively, treat yourself in the evening and reinvigorate your soul, letting go of any stress and lightening your disposition. Medical marijuana patients can also benefit from this herb. The buds from White Widow feminized seeds help relieve headaches, body pain, and fatigue. These cannabis seeds can grow anywhere and provide massive harvests whether you plant them indoors or outside. All they ask is regular feeding and nurture. In return, they offer sticky buds and a pine-fresh flavor that always sparks a smile. Why settle for less? Buy the best feminized White Widow seeds online from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and experience the legend firsthand.

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