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A Foolproof Guide To Picking The Right Couch

Your couch or sofa is the heart of your living room, so it makes sense to carefully consider your selection. Rather than a cheaper, throw-away piece of furniture that you plan to only keep for a couple of years, consider investing in a better-quality sofa that will last, cutting down on the amount of time you spend replacing your furniture, not to mention the effort and expense. In the long run, a quality sofa will not only be a solid return on your investment but a means of gathering meaningful family memories associated with it.

One of the first things you should consider when looking for a new sofa is the size of your space. While some people swear up and down that bigger is better, in fact, a large couch or sectional can easily crowd a small or mid-sized living area. Rather than simply going for the best apparent deal per square foot of the couch, consider how you want your sofa to interact with your living space. Are you interested in a sectional that runs along one wall? In the case of smaller rooms, sofa and loveseat sets tend to be a better option, since they seat more people while still allowing gaps between the furnishings that help keep the space look and feel more open. 


Once you have a general idea of how much space you want to give to your couch, consider how it will be used. Is the primary function of your living area for more formal hosting or do your four teenagers like to crash there to play video games on weekends? Depending on the type of use, you may be looking for dramatically different sofas. Sectionals are generally more durable and a great idea for families who need something sturdy and comfortable, if a little more casual, from their living room. Materials like leather and tight-weave cotton are best for avoiding permanent stains and rips, too. Sites like 1StopBedrooms offer access to hundreds of couches and sofa set to choose from and enable you to customize your preferences, helping ensure that you end up with the sofa that is the best match for you.


Style is the most subjective category, but even here there are general guidelines to help make your selection process easier. Consider the other features of your living space. You do not want your sofa to overwhelm or be overwhelmed by them. Rather, determine the basic color palette of the entire room and use this to inform your couch decision. If you plan to renovate the rest of the room in the near future or gradually over time, pick a couch that will fit with what your future living space will be, not what it is now. And do not be afraid of color! It should also be mentioned that, within families, a sofa can easily become a point of contention. Consider consulting with everyone who will be regularly using your sofa, but do keep in mind that at the end of the day, if you are paying for the couch, your decision stands.

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